1484328970547Hello. My name is Eojin. I’m a Canadian-Korean undergraduate student studying Social-Cultural Anthropology, Contemporary Asian Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric at the University of Toronto. I am a husband to an endearing wife, Jenny and father to a 2-year old son puppy, Charlie. I have started this WordPress blog as an active way of retrieving my thoughts in legible form and as a productive outlet to engage with issues that matter to me personally. Whether you are an active subscriber or an anonymous reader, you’re welcome to join in on the conversation or send me a line at lim[dot]eojin[at]gmail[dot]com.

For those of you who were curious (and even if you weren’t), the 53 at the end isn’t because there are 52 other eojin’s on WordPress; that would be hilariously depressing. eojinliM53 is just my ode to a particular passage.